lørdag 1. oktober 2011

MC Collection,Hulster,Classic Enduro,Stigs Motor Mekaniska

 Look at the floor and the lathe. Sooo clean
 The camshaft grinder and the cam lobe profiles.
 The Hulster
 Two legends and one coming. Nisse Hedlund(right) Stelland Egeland(center) Sten "Storken" Lundin.
Line up after the race
Surahammar mc museum.

Here the other day my friend J.R and me took a little trip to Sweden for some autumn vacation.
First stop was at the best machine shop for motorcycle parts in Sweden,Stigs Motor Mekaniska. He is doing all kind of machine work like grinding and balancing crankshafts, rebore, making camshafts etc.
it was amasing and so clean and tidy.
In the evening we arrived at the MC Collection museum in Sollentuna, and outskirt of Stockholm.
Where mr.Stellan Egeland builder of the "Hulster" who he became world champion in custom bike building over in Sturgis in 2007. It is basically home built with the engine bottom from a knucklehead and home made cylinder heads inspired from Rudge four valve.
He was talking with two of the legends in Swedish motor cycle stratosphere...the great Nisse Hedlund motor builder and Sten "Storken" Lundin a former moto cross champion.
They was talking both about the Hulster and some great stories from the lod days. It was one of the the best evenings i had in a long time.
On Saturday Jan Roar was contributing in a classic enduro race called "Västmanland Rundt".
Many fine bikes there, and the start and finish was beside the "Surahammar Motorcycle Museum".
Some fine and sunny September days.     

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