fredag 25. mars 2011

Bikes. Bremen Classic Motor Show 2011

Random bikes from one of the biggest classic motorshow in Europe.

søndag 20. mars 2011

Sofia Hogs 40 years anniversary

The summer of 08' one of the oldest chopper clubs in Sweden, Sofia Hogs from Stockholm celebrated their forty years anniversary. And still going strong. People came from all over, even one riding alone from France.Still the laidback attitude. Pictures from innside the clubhouse, and the entrance. 

onsdag 16. mars 2011

Oslo Motor Show 2010 Cars

One real mean AC Cobra with German engine.
Volvo PV maybee with factory option ?? Not 
We all love the Anglia don't we!!! 

On the parking lot.
                                            Your Volvo family car with racing seats all over.

The GT 40 all time favourite

søndag 13. mars 2011

Motorcycle exhibition12/03 2011 "On Two Wheels"

Nimbus who just came home from a trip around the world 
Sarolea, Barn find. 
The "Old Classics". The bike below is a Norwegian Atlanta with Jap enginge. Very rare,was in production from 1927-29 and only 21 have been oficially known. 

Motorcycle exhibition12/03 2011 "On Two Wheels" .The People...

To the right Stig aka "Mr.Beveldrive". With his old drinking buddy Kjetil on the left and his new drinking buddy in the middle......

Motorcycle exhibition12/03 2011 "On Two Wheels"

The (new) Classics

Motorcycle exhibition12/03 2011 "On Two Wheels"

The Duke's

torsdag 10. mars 2011

Time cyclus

Because i don't throw anything away. My Ogri calender from 1988 is actually correct this year, from Mars and the rest of the year.


SOFIA HOGS Stockholm Sweden
Håkan Grahn from "Denvers Choppers" in Stockholm Sweden

Both started in the late sixties early seventies and created the Swedish style in the Chopper world.
Styles come and go, but this will stay and just be refined with todays knowledge in brakes,handling etc. 

søndag 6. mars 2011


My wife was shopping and she was thinking about me..She is good....

lørdag 5. mars 2011

Workshop Tools

 Ernault french lathe on my work

 Blomqvist BSN600 in my workshop

Mattson & Zetterlund vf600 small milling machine. They are old beauties.....

fredag 4. mars 2011

Garage Visit

My friend Stein's Panhead project. Guess what the tanks are from?? Fenders of cause.....


"Kala Racet" A yearly race on an old horse and longtrack cource. Only old iron.