søndag 30. september 2012

MANX GP 2012

 Some of the bikes
 Some of the food
Some of the people

tirsdag 5. juni 2012

ISR (or the ultimate barn find)

Believe it or not, there are still "barn finds" out there. This is a racing bike build by the famous swedish company ISR. Known mostly for their greate brakes. They build about 60 chassis for different engines in the early eighties, before the japs started with their R bikes.
Square tubing of chromemolymangan, magnesium wheels,brakes and lower forks.
This bike, with a Motospeed tuned GSX 1100 engine, was sitting in a garage only a few kilometrs from where i live. For over twenty years. Lucky for me the owner has decided to sell it. And i picked
it up in a hurry. Had to wait two hours for him to find all the parts. In the first picture it was just like American pickers. But it was all there.
This is Swedish racing history....  

tirsdag 20. mars 2012

Destroyed by Waltz

Even the german mr. Marcus Waltz "destroy"  Triumph these days.....

XR 1000 Touring

 You don't see many XR 's as a touring machine. You don't even see them often at all.

Clean as clean could be, flathead choppers are also rare these days.

søndag 19. februar 2012

2011 Random Pictures

 Bremen Classic Show
 Mc Collection Sweden
 Custom Bike Show Norrtalje
 Superrally Lithuania

søndag 29. januar 2012

Muffler Heaven

The other day a friend of mine bought a shitload of parts for japanese bikes from the eighties. And among that it was a box of  MCM mufflers that i got a hold of.
I thought i have seen most of the strange/weird stuff from the past, but square mufflers was new.
I really don't know yet what to put it on, but maybe som day........  

søndag 8. januar 2012

Suzuki Garage

This garage belongs to my first boss . He was the Suzuki dealer in our town in the late sixties, seventies
and a few years into the eighties. The period bikes was the two cylinder t-250,t-350 and t-500. Then come the triples, the GT series and then the four strokers came along.
This is from his garage today when he is building up the GS series and he also have this passion for the offroad model of SP-370. The bikes he makes are serious made with many parts made of stainless. Like wheel axels, chain tensioners and assorted bolts and nuts. He is not a total original freak, the importent thing is that they work.        

søndag 1. januar 2012

Summertime 2011

This beautiful Ford was parked outside our local cemetery on one of the few sunny Sundays this year.