søndag 3. april 2011

From the Attic.

 Some old toys
 Seat to Yamaha RD (nos) i know some people would like to have it..Hubcap '55 Bel Air
 Some frames, a '76 Husky resting between Suzuki Rm's 250 and 370
 Some 283 chevy heads and assorted wasp nests.
Random Lucas parts and assorted stuff 
The greate rim collection, and if we drink and lie someday.I think this is one of the drums from let's see ahhh
John Bonham.....

Over the years everybody that is collecting things related to the motor hobby is ending up like this. It must be thousends of attics,garages, basements and sheds looking like this. But that is the way it is!! Talk to them and they would tell you that everything has its own story to tell. We remember that kind of things but not what our ladies tells us three hours ago...

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